Heimskringla.no URLs Invalid

Unfortunately, when heimskringla.no was updated, they introduced a new file architecture that has meant the URLs for many, if not all, their texts have changed. It will take some time for me to update these links, unfortunately. But all the texts listed here as featuring on that site will still be available via their homepage.

Introducing Old Norse Texts Online

Old Norse Texts Online is a directory of electronic editions and translations of Old (West) Norse prose texts in the public domain. It is a publication of Old Norse News.

At present, it simply takes the form of an alphabetical list of texts, drawn from the Dictionary of Old Norse Prose, with links to all the online editions and translations that I’ve found of each. At some point in the future, I hope to convert this data into a properly searchable format. It excludes poetry, pretty much all of which is available at the Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages project website. To browse the alphabetical lists, simply use the buttons at the top of this page.

Many of the editions and translations linked to from this site form part of collections that have been put together by other websites. So far, I’ve sorted through the following resources:

I have also made use of several one-off digitizations of printed collections of material found via Google Books or archive.org. I found this list of Old Norse links (I don’t know whose it is — sorry compiled by Patricia Boulhosa — thanks to Dr Grove for the tip) useful for tracking down several works.

Old Norse Texts Online is a work in progress. I have to finish filling in all the dates for editions and translations, and I have yet to check every single link to see that it’s still working. Above all, naturally, I will continue to add new editions and translations as I come across them.

Please note: the quality of these texts is decidedly mixed, and they are included here without warranty as to their accuracy. Caveat lector!

I would be very grateful to be informed of any errors or broken links on these pages, and naturally also to hear of any texts or translations that are missing. Please let me know via the comments link below, or email contact [at] oldnorsenews.org with suggestions.