Old Norse Texts Online is a directory of electronic editions and translations of Old (West) Norse prose texts in the public domain. It is arranged alphabetically according to the standard abbreviated form of the original work’s title. Use the buttons at the top of the page to navigate between different letters.

The ‘Short Title’ column links to the description of the work found in the Dictionary of Old Norse Prose. The ‘edition’ column contains links, where available, to the separate editions and translations of each text. In the ‘language’ column, ‘ON’ represents the original text, regardless of its dialect. I hope the modern language abbreviations are self explanatory.

In some cases, the ‘edition’ link will take you to the beginning of a published collection of texts, rather than straight to the individual work listed here. I’ll try to update some of these links to make them more accurate in future.


From Bandamanna saga to Böglunga saga

Short Title Full Title Edition Language Editor Date Notes
Band Bandamanna saga band1 ON Magerøy 1981
Bandamanna saga band2 ICE ?
Bandamanna saga band3 ENG Morris/Magnússon
Barb Barböru saga barb1 ON Unger 1877
Bárð Bárðar saga Snæfellsáss bard1 ICE ?
Barl Barlaams saga ok Jósafats barl1 ON Keyser/Unger 1851
Barlaams saga ok Jósafats barl2 ON Gammelnorsk Ordboksverk c. 2007 Diplomatic transcription.
Requires special font.
Barth Barthólómeuss saga postula
Bas Basilíuss saga
Ben Benedikts saga ben1 ON Unger 1877
BenReg Benedikts regla
Bergb Bergbúa þáttr bergb1 ON Guðni Jónsson
BernhBr Bréf Bernharðs
BernhRitn Ritning Bernharðs
Bev Bevers saga
Bjark Bjarkeyjarréttr
BjarkKr Bjarkeyjarréttr : Kristinn réttr
BjH Bjarnar saga Hítdœlakappa BjH1 ICE ?
Bl Bœjarlög (Bjarkeyjarréttr hinn nýi) & réttarbœtr
Blas Blasíuss saga
Blómstr Blómstrvalla saga
Boð Tíu boðorð
Boll Bolla þáttr
BorgKr Borgarþingslög : Kristinn réttr hinn forni
BorgKrN Borgarþingslög : Kristinn réttr hinn nýi
Bós Bósa saga bos1 ON Guðni Jónsson / Bjarni Villhjalmsson 1943/4
Bósa saga bos2 ENG G. L. Hardman
Brand Brands þáttr örva brand1 ON Þorleifur Jónsson 1904
Brands þáttr örva brand2 ON Faulkes 1980
Brandkr Brandkrossa þáttr
Brend Brendanuss saga brend1 ON Unger 1877
Bret Breta saga
Búal Búalög
Bær Bærings saga fagra
Bœn Bœnir
Bögl Böglunga saga