Old Norse Texts Online is a directory of electronic editions and translations of Old (West) Norse prose texts in the public domain. It is arranged alphabetically according to the standard abbreviated form of the original work’s title. Use the buttons at the top of the page to navigate between different letters.

The ‘Short Title’ column links to the description of the work found in the Dictionary of Old Norse Prose. The ‘edition’ column contains links, where available, to the separate editions and translations of each text. In the ‘language’ column, ‘ON’ represents the original text, regardless of its dialect. I hope the modern language abbreviations are self explanatory.

In some cases, the ‘edition’ link will take you to the beginning of a published collection of texts, rather than straight to the individual work listed here. I’ll try to update some of these links to make them more accurate in future.


From Árna saga byskups to Ágústínuss saga

Short Title Full Title Edition Language Editor Date Notes
ÁBp Árna saga byskups
Adon Adóníass saga
Agat Agötu saga agat1 ON Unger 1877
Agnes Agnesar saga agnes1 ON Unger 1877
Ágr Ágrip af Noregs konunga sögum agr1 ON/ENG Driscoll 1995
ÁKr Kristinn réttr Árna byskups (Kristinn réttr hinn nýi)
ÁlaFl Ála saga flekks
Alex Alexanders saga alex1 ON Finnur Jónsson 1925
Alexanders saga alex2 ON Unger et al. 1844
Alexanders saga alex3 ON Alexandra de Leeuw van Weenan 2008
AlexBr Bréf Alexanders
Alexis Alexíss saga alexis1 ON Unger 1877
Algor “Algorismus”
Alk Ritning Alkvíns : “De virtutibus et vitiis”
Ambr Ambrósíuss saga byskups ambr1 ON Unger 1877
Amic Amíkuss saga ok Amilíuss
Án Áns saga bogsveigis an1 ON Guðni Jónsson /
Bjarni Villhjálmsson
Andr Andréss saga postula
Ann Annálar ann1 ON Werlauff et al. The Icelandic Annals
Annálar ann2 ON Storm 1888 The Icelandic Annals
Anna Önnu saga
Ant Antóníuss saga ant1 ON Unger 1877
Ar Arons saga
Ásbj Ásbjarnar þáttr selsbana
Ásm Ásmundar saga kappabana asm1 ON Guðni Jónsson /
Bjarni Villhjálmsson
Auð Auðunar þáttr vestfirzka aud1 ON Þorleifur Jónsson
Aug Ágústínuss saga agu1 ON Unger 1877