Old Norse Texts Online is a directory of electronic editions and translations of Old (West) Norse prose texts in the public domain. It is arranged alphabetically according to the standard abbreviated form of the original work’s title. Use the buttons at the top of the page to navigate between different letters.

The ‘Short Title’ column links to the description of the work found in the Dictionary of Old Norse Prose. The ‘edition’ column contains links, where available, to the separate editions and translations of each text. In the ‘language’ column, ‘ON’ represents the original text, regardless of its dialect. I hope the modern language abbreviations are self explanatory.

In some cases, the ‘edition’ link will take you to the beginning of a published collection of texts, rather than straight to the individual work listed here. I’ll try to update some of these links to make them more accurate in future.


From Máguss saga jarls to Notulae

Short Title Full Title Edition Language Editor Date Notes
Mág Máguss saga jarls
Magn Magnúss saga Eyjajarls
Malc Malkuss saga malc1 ON Unger
Máld Máldagar
Mar Maríu saga
Marcus Markúss saga postula
MarFramf Framför Maríu
Marg Margrétar saga marg1 ON Unger
Martin Marteins saga byskups martin1 ON Unger
Mat Matreizla
Maurit Máritíuss saga maurit1 ON Unger
Maurus Máruss saga maurus1 ON Unger
Med Medicalia : Læknisfrœði med1 ON Schwabe
2008 Úr læknisbók: from AM 655 XXX 4to
Medicalia : Læknisfrœði med2 ON Kålund 1908 AM 194 8vo [Alfræði Íslenzk I]
Medicalia : Læknisfrœði med3 ON Kålund 1917-18 AM 696 II 4to and AM 461 12mo [Alfræði Íslenzk III]
MEg Maríu saga egipzku meg1 ON Unger
Melk Melkólfs saga ok Salómons konungs
Mess Messuskýringar
MH Magnúss saga góða ok Haralds harðráða
Mich Mikjáls saga mich1 ON Unger
Mírm Mírmants saga
MLag Magnúss saga lagabœtis
MM Mörtu saga ok Maríu Magðalenu
Mork Morkinskinna mork1 ON Finnur Jónsson
Mth Matheuss saga postula
Mthias Mathíass saga postula
Music Musicalia
Mött Möttuls saga
Niðrst Niðrstigningar saga
Nik Nikuláss saga erkibyskups
NikTol Nikuláss saga af Tólentínó
Nit Nítíða saga
Nj Njáls saga nj1 ICE ?
Njáls saga nj2 ENG Dasent
Njáls saga nj3 FRE Dareste
Njáls saga nj4 NOR Aasmundstad
Njáls saga nj5 SWE Bååth
Njáls saga nj6 GER Claussen
NoDipl Diplomata Norvegica : Norsk bréf & skjöl
Norn Norna-Gests þáttr norn1 ON Guðni Jónsson / Bjarni Villhjalmsson
Norna-Gests þáttr norn2 ENG Kershaw
Norna-Gests þáttr norn3 ENG G. L. Hardman
Not Notulae : Smælki